Food Shapes

Recommended Age: 3+ | Mathematical Topic: Shapes & Geometry

Food items with common shapes, such as circular, triangular or rectangular crackers, round cucumber slices, or sandwich bread.

What To Do

Talk to your child about shapes during snack and meal times. For example, allow your child to choose the shape for her sandwich halves (e.g., rectangles or triangles), and invite her to nibble bread or crackers into different shapes. You might also ask questions such as “What shape is that cracker?” and “What shape is the plate you’re using?” Encourage your child to look for and describe other shapes in their snacks. You can also ask your child what shape they can make from two triangle crackers (e.g., a rectangle!).

What To Know

Children may naturally see shapes in the foods they eat, even as they eat them. For instance, a child may notice when the piece of bread he is eating looks like a shape (“I made a triangle!”) or an object he knows (“My cheese is a boat!”). Acknowledge your children when they notice such shapes in their foods and encourage them to make and declare new shapes.

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