Hi-Lo Card Game

Recommended Age: 4+ | Mathematical Topic: Comparing & Ordering Quantities

Playing Cards, excluding face cards

What To Do

The card game “Hi-Lo” or “War” is a great way for children to learn about comparing numbers. Shuffle and split a deck of cards in two stacks, face down. You and your child each get a stack. At the same time, you and your child turn over the top card on your stack. Whoever has the card with the larger number gets to keep both cards. Let your child tell you who has the larger card.

If you both turn over the same number, you each turn over another card, and whoever has the larger number of those gets to keep all four cards. Keep playing until you run out of cards. You can then count them and compare who ended up with more cards.

Moving On

When your child can consistently tell you which number is larger, move on to a new activity.

See it in action