Which is More?

Recommended Age: 3+ | Mathematical Topic: Comparing & Ordering Quantities

Any set of 5 to 7 similar objects (e.g., set of coins, some animal figures, or food items such as goldfish crackers)

What To Do

Create two piles with different numbers of objects such as 2 and 1 or 3 and 4, and place one pile in front of you and one in front of your child. Ask your child, “Who has more?” Talk with your child about how many are in each pile (this is a great chance for them to practice counting!) and discuss how they know which one is more.

You can change the amounts in the piles and ask, “Now who has more?” to keep the activity going.

Moving On

When your child is consistently able to answer accurately, you can make it more challenging by increasing the quantity of objects, or asking “Who has less?”

See it in action